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– Metrics

Define advertising metrics on a Ferrari?

For Ferrari4Charity, our response to defining advertising metrics is simply a reference Impressions, Engagements and Conversions.

Before I move forward, I do want to make a quick statement if you are curious about how effective are having different logos on differents areas of the Ferrari.  Simply, with the huge success of Nascar as an advertising platform,  it’s a given to us that if companies are willing to pay megabucks (Millions) to get their logo (tiny or extra-large) on a hot team, a  hot car and a stadiums that films 15,000 loyal fans, it easily make sense that by using a hot car like a Ferrari in any hot metropolitan city, we can draw the same correlation that people will notice your logo, message and brand on our Ferrari advertising platform.

Now being a marketer, having worked at IBM and Lenovo and having agency relationships with the likes of Ogilvy, we generally use use this consecutive  model to define advertising success:

1)  “impressions” are the number of opportunities that an “advertisement” will be promoted to people.
2)  “engagements” are the number of people that look at your “advertisement” from the impressions.
3)  “conversions” are the number of people from the “engagements” that do what you asked them to do in the advertisement – go to your website, call your phone number etc.

For example: on a website, will quote an advertiser, that they will distribute 1000 impressions.  That means that 1000 instances of the advertisement will show up on the designated space of the webpage.  It’s usually, the left nav, right nav, header and footer. It changes when you come to the site again or refresh it.  On a magazine or newspaper, it’s usually the circulation that’s distributed.  So if the Boston Globe has a circulation of 200,000, that’s usually the number of impressions if you buy one placement.  On a Ferrari, the impressions are the number of people that we will drive by – commuters, shoppers, workers, etc.  On average it’s 1.1M people in Boston as indicated with our Boston 100 Miles of Advertising Event.  “Engagements” are the response to the impressions – that’s when someone stops and looks at the advertisement, such as trendy advertising with Tom Brady and Vitamin Water.  “Conversions” occur when one does what the advertisement says, such as go to my website:


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