Be Bold, Be Creative, Be Ferrari Inspired…Advertise on our Ferrari

The New Kid On The Block: Ferrari Advertising Media

Please let me introduce myself — We are Ferrari4Charity and we are trying a new endeavor for the Boston Market.  We feel that Ferrari exotic cars, being as beautiful as they are, can be used as an advertising platform.  How many times have you walked down a street and saw what could be a Ferrari and investigated it?  Were you engaged?  Were you in awe?  Surely I was and the idea was formed — if I cared so much to be engaged by the slightest hope that it was a Ferrari, wouldn’t it be cool and bold to advertise on it?  Yes, Nascar and F1 does this…but not on the public streets.  And so, Ferrari4Charity was created to start this bold and innovative media platform for the Boston community.  In turn, we have a mission of wanting to give back part of our proceeds to local charitable endeavors.

Please view the video below as a personal introduction from me and welcome to our community.


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