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Ferrari in Boston: 100 Miles of Advertising

I’m very excited about this upcoming advertising program to help companies increase lead generation, brand recognition, cause some viral marketing and most importantly generated.  In a nutshell, we are letting organizatoins, people, freelancers, business sponsor parts of our Red Ferrari F550 Maranello the weekend of Friday August 21 and Saturday August 22, 2009 as we drive 100 Miles to promote your logo/brand/message.  Plus, the Red Sox are playing the Yankees and so we are going to park the Ferrari at Fenway to gain more visbility from the Red Sox Nation and cheer on the Red Sox!

Here’s the Sales Flyer / Media Kit if you are interested in advertising/sponsoring our Ferrari:

Ferrari4Charity Boston – 100 Miles of Advertising F550.

Boston 100 Miles of Advertising Media Kit

Boston 100 Miles of Advertising Media Kit

Watch the Video Explanation:

Meet the Ferrari F550 Maranello:

F550 Maranello

Ferrari 550 Maranello Rear

Ferrari F550 Maranello - Sponsored

Ferrari F550 Sponsored

Ferrari F550 Maranello - Sponsored

See a Sample of the Driving Route:

Sample Driving Route Boston_Large

Click here or the Map above to view full driving route on Google Maps:  100 Miles of Advertising Sample Route

Advertisement Sponsorship Rates:

Advertisement Sponsorship Rates

CPM Analysis

CMP Analysis


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